SAVTON Penguin Automatisk Skummende Sæbe Dispenser Induktion Hånd Vaskemaskine Til Køkken, Badeværelse Børn Intelligent Skum Pumpe

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SAVTON Penguin Automatisk Skummende Sæbe Dispenser Induktion Hånd Vaskemaskine Til Køkken, Badeværelse Børn Intelligent Skum Pumpe Produkt Navn: Penguin Intelligent Induktion Skum Sæbe Kapacitet: 400ml Arbejde Spænding: DC 5V Netto Vægt: 269g/0.59 kg bruttovægt: 390g (et enkelt produkt med emballage) Produkt Størrelse: 103*117*176mm Tilpasning Batteri Specifikation: 1500mAh Li-batteri Væske: Hånd-Vask Væske (ikke inkluderet) Certificering: CE-ROSH Regelmæssig i Farverne: Blå, Pink Pakning: Kraftpapir Max Enkelt Pakke Størrelse: 20.1*11*11cm


  • farve: Blå / Pink Sæbe Dispenser
  • Vigtigste Materiale: ABS
  • Funktion: Intelligent Sensor Sæbedispenser
  • Funktion B: Automatisk Sæbedispenser
  • Kapacitet: 400ml
  • Arbejder Spænding: 5V
  • Mærke: SAVTON
  • Navn: Penguin Intelligent Induktion Skum Sæbe Dispenser
  • Flydende: Hånd-Vask Væske (ikke inkluderet)
  • Ved Hjælp Af Scener: Køkken & Bad
  • Type: Flydende Sæbe Dispensere
  • Sensing Afstand: 4-7cm
  • Batteri: 1500mAh Li-batteri
  • Funktionen d: skummende sæbe dispenser
  • Funktionen e: Børn Sæbe Dispenser
  • Certificering: CE
  • Model-Nummer: SD2020080401
  • Flydende Sæbe Dispenser Type: Automatisk Sæbedispenser
  • Har: sæbedispenser automatisk
  • Funktion c: dispensador de jabon
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

  • Author: Sfreenor
  • Date: 2020-11-24
  • Pre-not a bad dispenser, went a long time, came discharged, pouring soap is absolutely not convenient, a small hole, I'll check after charging, I'll Unsubscribe
  • 5/5

  • Author: Patya993
  • Date: 2020-12-03
  • Great product, I love that it is USB charged. The sensor works great, very sensitive, the foam is fantastic. It shines with blue light when you turn it off in its little head, and green when you tap it back on. Came with this logo pasted strongly, but it is not impossible to remove. Thank you, I am satisfied with the soap dispenser <3
  • 5/5

  • Author: Ivanyushenkova Lina
  • Date: 2021-01-29
  • Отличная штука! Ребёнок и муж в восторге. Работает хорошо, причём я заполнила его обычным жидким мылом (не пеной) и он справляется. На вид очень милая вещь. Сделана добротно, стоит своих денег. Заказ ооочень долго шёл - два месяца , но видимо это из-за праздников.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Nteslo 2000
  • Date: 2020-11-03
  • Thin bubble wrap, but well packed, the goods arrived to Italy in about 2 weeks, so very fast! The package was perfect and not damaged. The product is sturdy, bigger than expected and the sensor works great, it‘a been enough to add standard soap and little bit of water ant this lovely penguin deliver the right amount of soap and avoid wastes! In the package you can find the instruction (unfortunately only in Japanese, but the product is absolutely easy to understand, so there is not really need of instructions) and the charging cable. Fortunately it came charged up a little bit so I had not to wait before testing! The kids will love it! I’m absolutely satisfied by this item and I’ll probably buy another one to give as gift since it will probably arrive before Christmas. Thank you seller, I’ll look forward to buy more items from you in the future
  • 5/5